Monday, February 8, 2016

Reasoning Analogy - part -2

Reasoning Analogy - part -2

   Here is the Some Solved examples of reasoning analogy related to any type of competitive exams. preparation.

Q-6         Chandigarh  : Le Corbusier   ::   Delhi  :   ?

                (a)   Lutyens                         (b) Adolf Loos                    
                (c)   Albert Kahn                   (d) None

ANS. (a)
Explanation :- Le Corbusier is Architect of Chandigarh and Lutyens is Architect of Delhi .   

Q-7         USA : Atlantic Ocean  :: India  : ?

              (a) Indian Ocean                   (b) Arabian Sea                                 
              (c)Bay of Bengal                    (d) Pacific Ocean

ANS. (c)
Explanation :- Atlantic Ocean is located in  east of  USA , similarly Bay of Bengal is Located in East of India.

Q-8         HPU  : Shimla  :: GNDU    :    ?

                (a) Chandigarh                  (b) Patiala                           
                (c) Amritsar                      (d) Ludhiana

ANS. (c)
Explanation :- HPU is in Shimla and GNDU is in Amritsar.

Q-9         P.K. Dhumal  : BJP  :: Jayalalita   :  ?
                (a) AIADMK                     (b) DMK                               
                (c) Congress                      (d) None of These

ANS. (a)
Explanation :- Prem Kumar Dhumal belongs to BJP  ( Bhartiya Janta Party ) and Jayalalita belongs to AIADMK (All India Anna Dravid Munetra Karhgam)

Q-10      LOC  : India, Pakistan  :: LAC  : ?

                (a) India , China                 (b) India , Nepal                
                (c) India , Bangladesh        (d) None

ANS. (a)

Explanation :- LOC (Line of Control) between India and Pakistan and LAC (Line of Actual Control) between  India and China        

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