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Reasoning (analogy)-4 Based on Central Govt. Ministry

      Reasoning (analogy)-4      Based on Central Govt. Ministry

Here one pair is given. Find the other pair with same relation.

Q:1   Finance : Arun Jaitley

(a) Railway : Anurag Thakur                     
(b) Home : Suresh Prabhu    
(c) Overseas Indian Affairs : Rajnath Singh
(d)  Home : Rajnath Singh

Ans. - (d)  Home : Rajnath Singh

Exp.:-  Arun Jaitley is Finance Minister and Rajnath Singh is Home Minister.

Q:2   Transport : Nitin Gadkari 

(a) Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation : Venkaiah Naidu  
(b) HRD : Sushma Swaraj    
(c) Home Affairs : Arun Jaitley  
(d)  None of These 

Ans. - (a) Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation : Venkaiah Naidu

Exp.:- Nitin GAdkari  is Transport Minister and  Venkaiah Naidu is Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty 
            Alleviation .  

Q:3   Defence : Manohar Parrikar  

(a) Home : Nitin Gadkari 
(b) Railway : Suresh Prabhu    
(c) Railway : Rajnath Singh 
(d)  None of These
Ans. -  (b) Railway : Suresh Prabhu 

Explanation : - Manohar Parrikar is Defence Minister and Suresh Prabhu is Railway Minister .

Q:4       Law and Justice : D.V. Sadanand Gowda    

(a)   Home : Nitin Gadkari    
(b)  Water Resource and Ganga Rejuvenation : Uma Bharti  
(c) Transport : Rajnath Singh     
(d)  None of These 

Ans. -  (b)  Water Resource and Ganga Rejuvenation : Uma Bharti     
Explanation : - D.V . Sadanand Gowda is Law and Justice Minister and Uma Bharti is Water Resource and Ganga Rejuvenation Minister.

Q-5      Minority Affairs : Najma Heptullah

(a) Transport : Ram Vilas Paswan     
(b)  Railway : Rajnath Singh    
(c) Consumer affair & Food & Public Distribution : Ram Vilas Paswan     
(d)  None of These 

Ans. :- (c) Consumer affair & Food & Public Distribution : Ram Vilas Paswan
Explanation:-  Najma Heptullah is Minority Affair Minister and Ram Vilas Paswan is Consumer affair & Food & Public Distribution.  

Q-6  :-    MSME : Kalraj Mishra      
(a) Women and Child Development : Menka Gandhi      
(b)  Law and Justice : Suresh Prabhu    
(c) Food and Civil Supplies : M. Parikar      
(d)  None of These 

Ans. :- (a) Women and Child Development : Menka Gandhi 
Explanation :- Kalraj Mishra is MSME  ( Micro Small and Medium Enterprises) and Menka Gandhi is Women and Child Development Minister .

Q-7  :-    Chemical and Fertilizers : Anant Kumar 
(a) Women and Child Development : Uma Bharti       
(b)  Communication and IT : Jai Shankar Prasad     
(c) Defence : Rajnath Singh       
(d)  None of These
Ans. :- (b)  Communication and IT : Jai Shankar Parsad  
Explanation :-  Ananth Kumar is Chemical and Fertilizers Minister and Jai Shankar Parsad is Communication and IT Minister . 

Q-8 :-     Health and Family Welfare : J. P. Nadda 
(a) Railway  : Ananth Kumar        
(b) Civil Aviation : Ashok Gajapathi Raju Pusapati      
(c) Defence : Nitin Gadkari        
(d)  None of These 

Ans. :-   (b) Civil Aviation : Ashok Gajapathi Raju Pusapati     

Explanation :-  Jai Prakash Nadda is Health and Family Welfare Minister and  Ashok Gajapathi Raju Pusapati is Civil Aviation Minister .

Q-9 :-     Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises : Anant Geete    
(a) Defence :  P. Mukherjee       
(b) Home : Nitin Gadkari     
(c) Food Processing : Harsimrat Kaur Badal       
(d)  None of These 

Ans. :-  (c) Food Processing : Harsimrat Kaur Badal   
Explanation :- Anant Geete is Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises Minister and Harsimrat Kaur Badal  is food processing minister.      

Q-10 :-   Minister of Mines and Steel : Narendra Singh Tomar     
(a) Minister of Rural Development : Chaudhary Birender Singh         
(b) Finance: Rajnath Singh       
(c) Food Processing : P. Mukherjee         
(d)  None of These 

Ans. :-  (a) Minister of Rural Development : Chaudhary Birender Singh  
Explanation :- Narendra Singh Tomar is Minister of Mines and Steel.  Chaudhary Birender Singh is Rural 
                        Development Minister. 

Q-11 :-   Tribal Affair : Jual Oram        

(a) Defence : Rajnath Singh        
(b) Agriculture : Radha Mohan Singh       
(c) Health : Parrikar          
(d)  None of These 

Ans. :-  (b) Agriculture : Radha Mohan Singh 

Explanation :- Jual Oram is Tribal Affair Minister and Radha Mohan Singh is Agriculture Minister.  
Q-12 :-   HRD : Smriti Irani      
(a) Science & Technology : J. P . Nadda          
(b) Finance : T.C. Gehlot
(c) Science and Technology : Harshvardhan        
(d)  None of These 

Ans. :-  (c) Science and Technology : Harshvardhan 
Explanation :- Smriti Irani is HRD Minister and Harshvardhan is Science and Technology Minister .

Q-13:-    Agriculture : Radha Mohan Singh
(a) Transport : Arun Jaitley           
(b) Finance : Arun Jaitley  
(c) Tribal Affair : J.P. Nadda          
(d)  None of These 

Ans. :-  (b) Finance : Arun Jaitley      
Explanation:-  Radha Mohan Singh is Agriculture Minister and Arun Jaitley is Finance Minister .

Q-14 :-  Railways : Suresh Prabhu   
(a) HRD : Nitin Gadkari           
(b) HRD  : Smriti Irani  
(c) Shipping: Rajnath Singh          
(d)  None of These 

Ans. (b) HRD : Smriti Irani  

Explanation :- Suresh Prabhu is Railway Minister and Smriti Irani is HRD Minster .

Q-15 :-   Minority Affairs : Najma Heptullah  
(a) Home : Nitin Gadkari            
(b) Finance : Rajnath Singh   
(c) Minister of Mines and Steel : Narendra Singh Tomar     
(d)  Health : Nitin Gadkari   

Ans.   (c) Minister of Mines and Steel : Narendra Singh Tomar  

Explanation :- Najma Heptullah is Minority affair minister and Minister of Mines and Steel : Narendra 
                        Singh Tomar   .

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Reasoning (Analogy) - 3

                                                   Reasoning (Analogy)- 3

Here one pair is given. Find the other pair with same relation.

Q:1   Horse: Pony
         (a) Angle : Steradian                     (b) Insect : larva  
         (c) Area : Hectare                          (d)  length : Meter

Ans. - (b) Insect: larva

Exp. -    As pony is younger one of horse, in the same way larva is younger one of     

Q:2   Actor :   Stage
         (a)  Hunter :  Prey                       (b) Pilot : Cockpit
         (c)  Painter : Brush                     (d) none of these

Ans. (b)  Pilot : Cockpit

Exp.-     As actor Perform on stage, in the same way Pilot perform in cockpit.

Q:3  Pen : Write
         (a)  Cat : Kitten                          (b)  Energy : Joule
         (c) Sword : slaughter                 (d) Work : Joule

Ans.    (c)  Sword : Slaughter

Exp.   As pen is used to write,  in the same way sword is used to slaughter .

Q:4  Jewelry : Gold
          (a)  Power: Watt                      (b)  lion : Cub 
          (c) Oil : Seed                           (d) none of these

Ans.-   (c) Oil : Seed    

Exp.  -   As Jewelry is prepared from Gold or we can say that gold is raw material for     
              Jewelry, in the same way seed is raw material for oil.

Q:5   Sphygmomanometer :  Blood Pressure
          (a)    Odometer : Speed       (b) Metal : Ore
          (c)    Spoon : Feed                (d)  Cobbler : Awl

Ans.  (a) Odometer : Speed

Exp. -   As Sphygmomanometer is used to measure Blood Pressure , in the same way               Odometer is used to measure Speed.

Q:6   Dog : Puppy
         (a)   Power : Watt                     (b)   Resistance : Ohm
         (c)   Butterfly : Caterpillar         (d) Paper : Pulp

Ans.   (c)  Butterfly : Caterpillar

Exp.   As Puppy is younger one of Dog,   in the same way caterpillar is younger one of              butterfly.

Q:7   Hygrometer : Humidity
           (a)    man : child                      (b)   Chef : food  
           (c)  tailor : clothes                   (d)   scale : length

Ans.   (d)  scale :  length

Exp.     Hygrometer is used to measure Humidity,  in the same way Scale is used to                     measure Length.

Q:8  Luminosity : Candela
           (a) Magnetic intensity :  oersted         (b)  Hen : chicken
           (c)   lion : cub                                        (d)   none of these

Ans.   (a) Magnetic intensity :  oersted  
Exp.:- Candela is the unit of luminosity , in the same way oersted is the unit of                              magnetic intensity.

Q:9   Onomatology   : Names
         (a)  Chef : Knife                                     (b)    Author : Pen
         (c)   Entomology : Insects                     (c)     Ammeter : current

Ans.(c)   Entomology : insects

Exp.       Study of names is called onomatology , in the same way the study of insects                      is called entomology.

Q:10  Eccrinology : Secretion
           (a)   Surgeon : Scalpel                     (b)   Mass : kg
           (c)  Orography :  Mountains             (d)   none of these

Ans. Orography  : Mountains

Exp. :-  Study of Mountains is called orography & the study of Secretion is called                          Eccrinology.

Q:11   Tailor : Needle
              (a)   Sculptor : Chisel                    (b)   Mycology : Fungi
              (c)   Oology  :  Eggs                      (d) Herpetology : Amphibian

Ans.  Sculptor : Chisel

Exp. Tailor uses needle for his work & sculptor uses chisel for his work.

Q:12   Palaeontology : Fossils
           (a)  Cardiology :  Heart                (b) Taseometer  : Strains
           (c)  Rain Gauge :  Rain                (d)  Balance : Mass

Ans.  (a) Cardiology : Heart

Exp.  Study of Fossils is Palaeontology, in the same way study of Heart is called                      Cardiology.

Q:13  Ornithology : Birds 
         (a)  Semantics :  Language             (b) Balance  :  Mas
         (c)  Velocity : Meter Per Second     (d) None of These

Ans.  (a) Semantics : Language

Exp. :- Ornithology is the study of Birds , Semantics is the study of language.

Q:14  Botany : Plants
          (a)  Zoology  :  Animals                   (b) Mass : Kg
          (c)  Time : Second                           (d) None of these

Ans.  (a)  Zoology  :  Animals

Exp.  :- Botany is the study of plants & Zoology is the study of Animals .

 Q:15  Railway : Suresh Prabhu 
            (a)  Defence : Smriti Irani             (b) Home : Nitin Gadkari
            (c)  Finance : Arun Jaitley            (d) None of these

Ans.  (c) Finance : Arun Jaitley      

Exp.  :- Suresh Prabhu is Minister of Railway and Arun Jaitley is Finance Minister

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Reasoning Analogy - part -2

Reasoning Analogy - part -2

   Here is the Some Solved examples of reasoning analogy related to any type of competitive exams. preparation.

Q-6         Chandigarh  : Le Corbusier   ::   Delhi  :   ?

                (a)   Lutyens                         (b) Adolf Loos                    
                (c)   Albert Kahn                   (d) None

ANS. (a)
Explanation :- Le Corbusier is Architect of Chandigarh and Lutyens is Architect of Delhi .   

Q-7         USA : Atlantic Ocean  :: India  : ?

              (a) Indian Ocean                   (b) Arabian Sea                                 
              (c)Bay of Bengal                    (d) Pacific Ocean

ANS. (c)
Explanation :- Atlantic Ocean is located in  east of  USA , similarly Bay of Bengal is Located in East of India.

Q-8         HPU  : Shimla  :: GNDU    :    ?

                (a) Chandigarh                  (b) Patiala                           
                (c) Amritsar                      (d) Ludhiana

ANS. (c)
Explanation :- HPU is in Shimla and GNDU is in Amritsar.

Q-9         P.K. Dhumal  : BJP  :: Jayalalita   :  ?
                (a) AIADMK                     (b) DMK                               
                (c) Congress                      (d) None of These

ANS. (a)
Explanation :- Prem Kumar Dhumal belongs to BJP  ( Bhartiya Janta Party ) and Jayalalita belongs to AIADMK (All India Anna Dravid Munetra Karhgam)

Q-10      LOC  : India, Pakistan  :: LAC  : ?

                (a) India , China                 (b) India , Nepal                
                (c) India , Bangladesh        (d) None

ANS. (a)

Explanation :- LOC (Line of Control) between India and Pakistan and LAC (Line of Actual Control) between  India and China        

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Reasoning Missing Number part -2

Reasoning Missing Number part -2

For any competitive exam Reasoning Ability remains one of the most difficult part for the candidates. So we will trying some easy method to solve this difficult part to help the candidates. Here is the some solved method of missing number related to any competitive exams preparation .

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